1. This Virtual Summit will allow wine professionals to participate in real time from anywhere in the world.
  2. The online format reduces considerably the costs of organizing such an event, resulting in reduced registrations fees.
  3. Because the summit will be online and at very affordable registration fees, we expect thousands of registrations from approximately 60 countries.
  4. Sponsoring brands will be associated to a charity event that will help raise funds for (NGO to be determined).
  5. Winefuture 2021's marketing will focus upon social media and accompanied by paid adverts and a content marketing campaign.
  6. Because the strategy includes the WineFuture Webinars, the campaign will have considerable duration and impact resulting in greater market impact for sponsors.
  7. WineFuture is negotiating with media partners in print, websites and streaming channels that will advertise the summit and broadcast a selection of presentations.



Wine Future 2021 Webinars

  • Each webinar will have a title sponsor
  • Logos of all sponsors will be included in each webinar
  • Promo videos to be projected during each webinar
  • Interviews with a company spokesperson
  • Company representative will be invited to participate in webinars

Logos to be included in:

  • Official website
  • Posters and brochures
  • Media adverts
  • Promo videos

Social Media campaigns

  • Bespoke posts for each speaker
  • Bespoke posts for supporting organizations
  • Periodic mentions
  • Promotional videos
  • Video testimonies

Virtual Press Conference & Press Releases

  • Logos on invitations to the press conference
  • Logos on welcome virtual banner
  • Projection of TV spots before the conference
  • Company spokesperson to participate in the press conference
  • Mentions in all media releases


  • 30-45 seconds TV spots to be projected between sessions several times throughout the summit.
  • Brands will be given the opportunity to provide a speaker or moderator to participate in one of the panels.
  • Private online encounters/meetings with select speakers (subject to availability).
  • Each sponsor will receive complimentary registrations to be used at their discretion.
  • Up to 3 sessions will be openly broadcasted via YouTube and Facebook Live to the general public with an anticipated elevated number of viewers attending these sessions.
  • Each session will have a main sponsor of one brand per session
  • The session will be presented by the brand - (E.g. Panel 6: The Future of Wine" brought to you by.......)
  • During that session only the event title sponsor and the main session sponsor will be promoted
  • TV spot of the brand to be projected at the beginning of the session
  • The brand to provide a speaker or moderator if available. If not, a company spokesperson may introduce the brand for up to 2 minutes.

C. Post Summit

  • A promo video of the event will be produced to include sponsors' logos
  • Each session will be recorded and edited for subsequent posting upon the event's website.
  • Participants unable to join the summit in real time will have open access to all recordings of the summit.
  • YouTube postings will include a spot of the presenting sponsor of each session and the logo of the title sponsors.
  • The full database of the registered participants will be shared with the title sponsor and platinum sponsor provided each participant has accepted the data protection law.


  • Maximum of 4 brands
  • Logos in all advertising materials such as posters, media adverts, TV spots, promo videos.
  • 30 seconds TV spot to be projected several times during the Winefuture Webinars and throughout the entire Summit.
  • Official sponsor of one of the main sessions:
  • Only their brand
  • Promo video to be projected before the keynote speech
  • Optional: A company spokesperson or representative to act as moderator of the session
  • 50 complimentary registrations to be used at the brand´s discretion.
  • Optional: organize a private virtual encounter or press conference for company clients and/or management with a few of the speakers (subject to availability).
  • Contribution:
  • 20,000 US$
  • Actively help to promote the summit and the webinars by sending a dedicated email with information on the event to their database, posts in social media, etc.
  • Provide a spokesperson, speaker or moderator for one of the sessions


  • Maximum of 1 brand to be promoted per session, in addition to the Title Sponsor.
  • Logo to be displayed in a dedicated section of the website.
  • During the chosen session:
  • Title of the session to be presented by the sponsor
  • Logo associated that that particular session
  • 30 seconds video to be projected immediately before the commencement of the session.
  • The sponsor is entitled to provide a speaker or a moderator of the sponsored session.
  • 25 complimentary registrations to be used at the brand discretion.
  • Contribution:
  • Cash: 10,000 US$
  • Actively help to promote the summit and the webinars by sending a dedicated email with information on the event to their database, posts in social media, etc.
  • Provide a spokesperson, speaker or moderator for that session.