WineFuture 2021 - A Charitable Event

Wine Future 2021 will help three NGOs involved with issues related to the wine industry and of extreme importance for all humanity: water scarcity, the climate crisis, economic justice. Donations will be made to the these organizations helping them resolve these issues that are amongst those Wine Future 2021 will address.

A silent auction of wines, experiences, services and products donated by our speakers, supporting partners and other organizations are a feature of Wine Future 2021. The proceeds from this auction will be disseminated to the three NGOs below.  Click this button to enter the silent auction: 


Our concern is that political promises have not been met and even though 'Day Zero" was successfully avoided, communities and schools are still severely affected by access to water. SOS NPO seeks to mitigate the impact of the water crisis on local schools and struggling communities in the Western Cape and other parts of South Africa, by collaborating with community stakeholders, government and businesses to provide alternative water sources and solutions. We provide non-potable and potable water, transportation and infrastructure. Our projects address sanitation, hygiene, climate change and education around these issues.     We also focus on economic empowerment.



Porto Protocol is a key outcome of the Climate Change Leadership conferences, an undertaking by all participants to adopt and promote the principles and measures established at the summits, by signing the Letter of Principles for The Porto Protocol.

The city of Porto is a natural stage for this commitment. It is an adaptable and entrepreneurial city which values innovation and proactive leadership but also respects and protects its heritage. It is one of the world's great wine capitals and the hub of some of Europe's most diverse vineyard regions, including some that are potentially at great risk from climate change.


At North Bay Jobs with Justice we believe that all workers should have collective bargaining rights, employment and housing security, and a decent standard of living that provides equitable access to education, living wages, healthcare, retirement, and safe neighborhoods. We are a grassroots coalition of labor, community, and student voices at the national and local levels to win improvements in people's lives and shape the public discourse on workers' rights and the economy. We believe that communities of color, low income workers, immigrant families, LGBTQ and youth are among the most impacted by corporate greed and as such should be centered in leading our efforts to build movements for social, political and economic change. We can and will build a society and economy that works for ALL.